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BBQ Chicken Pizza

More food!  In addition to the crockpot, I also received a pizza stone and peel for Christmas.  I was pretty excited about this – I hate how pizza tends to be soggy in the middle and burnt around the edges, so I was pretty sure that the pizza stone would solve all of my problems.

The inaugural pizza was BBQ chicken.  I bought the dough fresh at the grocery store and topped it with barbeque sauce, a ton of red onion, bacon, chicken and mozzarella cheese.  In reading the instructions for the peel, they noted that you should dust it with cornmeal before putting the dough down.  I would like to know their definition of the word dust, because my pizza got horribly stuck!  I had to lift up the edges and keep throwing more and more cornmeal underneath the pizza to make it slide off the peel and onto the stone.  I did manage it eventually, and a major dinner crisis was averted.  So, in all – a liberal coating of the peel would be a good idea!

Verdict?  The pizza stone rocks!  The bottom of the crust was crispy, but the inside wasn’t overdone.  It was probably the best pizza I have ever made!


Tomato (Lemon) Basil Garlic Pizza

On Sunday, my car broke down and had to be towed, and I was pretty upset.  So I turned to comfort food, namely pizza.  (Ok, there was some wine involved too, but I still managed to make pizza, so I’m calling it good!)

While making this pizza, I was aiming for simple flavors that were spectacular when all mixed together.  The dough for the crust was pre-made from Whole Foods, which is also where I found the smoked mozzarella.  The sauce is simply crushed tomatoes.  I sliced up about three big garlic cloves and tossed them on there, along with some lemon basil and some regular basil from my container garden.  I used both types because I don’t have a lot of either yet (they’re still growing like crazy though).

The lemon basil was a nice little flavor mixed in there.  I don’t feel like it is as strong as the regular basil, so the lemon flavor wasn’t overpowering.

I baked this at 400F for about 15 minutes.   I don’t like the crust too brown, so once it started to turn, I took it out.

The pizza was incredibly delicious!  The crust was really good, I would definitely buy the same dough again.  It reheated well too, I just had the last of the leftovers for lunch a little bit ago.  Yum!

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