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My progression to making up s’more-cakes this morning started like this:  1. I want pancakes.  2. Maybe chocolate chip pancakes.  3. Oh look, a modification next to the recipe to make graham cakes.  4.  Oh look, there are mini marshmallows in the cupboard next to the chocolate chips.  5.  Oh my god – s’more-cakes! (At this point, you should picture a gigantic light bulb above my head!)

The basics – take your favorite buttermilk pancake recipe and replace half of the flour with graham cracker crumbs.  You can buy these in a box, or crush up some whole graham crackers very very finely.  Don’t add the chocolate chips or marshmallows to the batter.  Instead, pour some of the batter into your warm pan and quickly add the chocolate chips and mini marshmallows  into the batter/pancake.  Like this:

Let the pancake cook until it is almost ready to flip.  Keep pushing the marshmallows down while the pancake is cooking.  Right before you flip it, it should look like this:

I would recommend cooking the pancake a little bit longer on the first side than normal.  Of course, turn down the heat a little bit so it doesn’t burn!  This is because once you flip the pancake, you only want it to cook for about another minute so that the marshmallows don’t completely melt away.  Once you’re done, you should have something like this:

They were quite delicious!  I would serve them immediately after cooking, so that the marshmallow doesn’t get hard and weird.  They were quite sweet and moist, so they didn’t need any topping (besides, syrup would just be strange!).  I’m not sure it this is the perfect way to make s’more-cakes, but it was certainly a tasty first try!


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