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Garden 2009

While I wasn’t blogging, the garden grew!  I thought that a big update of what we have growing was in order.  Saturday it didn’t rain, so I got a chance to take some pictures.

Here is the garden as a whole (please don’t judge our shaggy lawn, it’s been rainy everytime there is time to mow it!).

The garden is divided into three sections with little stone walkways in between.  I’ll take you from left to right in pictures!

All the way on the left we have the tomato plants.

They are just starting to flower.

Next up are some beans.  I planted a row of yellow and a row of green beans, but only the yellow ones really took off.   Which is fine by me, because they are my favorite!

The beans are also starting to flower.

The next section starts off with some pepper plants.  There are both sweet and hot varieties.  In the front are a few brussel sprout plants.

There are tiny peppers on a few of the plants.

Next up are some vidalia onions.  These look a little sad, all falling over.  I weeded them, and I think that the weeds were helping to hold the stalks up.  They should be okay though (I hope).

And next to the onions, finishing off the middle section are some carrots and a second crop of radishes that are just coming up in the front.  Our first crop was starting to get woody, so we pulled them all and re-seeded the section.  (I gave up trying to weed the carrots, it was just a lost cause.)

In the final section, we have some green onions!

Also, there are some melons, which are doing very well, which you can see in this picture of our lettuce.

Fresh lettuce may be my favorite thing in the whole world.

In between the lettuce and the green onions, we had planted some spinach.  Unfortunately, it succumbed to aphids and all of the leaves curled under.  We were forced to pull it all up, but on the upside, we just planted more lettuce!  Hopefully we can keep the aphids at bay.

At the back of the garden, along the fence we have some climbing plants, like snap peas, which are flowering and producing like crazy.

And some cucumbers, which got a late start but are coming along nicely now.


Garden Group Photos

These will be the last pictures of my little container garden all in the same place.  My current roommate, Jenn, is going to take the cucumbers to her new place, while I’ll let the rest of the plants live out the summer at Tim’s.  I’m going to miss going out on the balcony each morning to visit them.  Everything has been growing so wonerfully – take a look!

theyre going to take over the world!

We even have multiple cucumbers ready, although they look a bit like spheres!

looks like a melon!

this one fell down - I'm going to eat it today

We’ve been eating lettuce like crazy – salad, yum!

nom nom nom like a bunny

Green onions go on salads too (and just about everything else)!

hmm, maybe I planted too many!

Last, but certainly not least, the basil is reaching epic heights:

I really like this picture!

We also have a tiny critter living in our garden space – this picture is a little blurry, but you should get the idea.


Usually I am a big scardey-cat when it comes to spiders, but it’s outside and small, so I’ve been leaving it alone for now.  I do, however, keep bumping into it’s web (one time with my face – ew!) since it keeps moving it every day or two.  But the web sure is pretty.

Garden Update

I thought I’d give the crochet a break for a day and share a few picture of my container garden instead.  Things seem to be growing pretty nicely – the cucumbers keep shooting up!

We should also be eating some lettuce pretty soon, within two weeks I would think.  I can’t wait to be able to come home after work and just eat from my garden.  Yum!

I’m also waiting pretty impatiently for the basil and the green onions, both of which are doing well.  I just love these foods so much that the growing process can seem soooooo slow!

The Garden – It Grows!

Just a little update on my balcony garden. Apparently when you put young cucumber plants into 40 mph gusts of wind, the cucumbers do not win. So, I had to start over with the cucumbers, but this batch is doing much better! I have two pots, but only one is doing really well. Soon I’ll thin these out and put a couple of the good ones into the other pot. I love how once they start going, there is nothing stopping them!

Also going very well is the leaf lettuce. I think that this may be my favorite to grow, mostly because I can have a little fresh lettuce at every meal, and I don’t have to worry about finishing up a head of lettuce before it goes bad. Also, if cut right it will grow a second crop pretty quickly. It’s so easy to eat healthy when all the food is growing right outside your door!

The basil and lemon basil are starting to come in now as well. They are just starting to get their second leaves, soon they will probably shoot up as well. I can’t wait for pesto, yum!

One of my other favorite summer garden treats are green onions. I love them in just about everything, I’ll even eat them plain, dipped in a little salt. This was often how we ate them at dinner growing up, when grandpa gave us the surplus from his garden, so it reminds me of home!

Hopefully it will only be a few more weeks before things start becoming ready to eat – I’m sure you’ll see more before then!

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