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Garden 2009

While I wasn’t blogging, the garden grew!  I thought that a big update of what we have growing was in order.  Saturday it didn’t rain, so I got a chance to take some pictures.

Here is the garden as a whole (please don’t judge our shaggy lawn, it’s been rainy everytime there is time to mow it!).

The garden is divided into three sections with little stone walkways in between.  I’ll take you from left to right in pictures!

All the way on the left we have the tomato plants.

They are just starting to flower.

Next up are some beans.  I planted a row of yellow and a row of green beans, but only the yellow ones really took off.   Which is fine by me, because they are my favorite!

The beans are also starting to flower.

The next section starts off with some pepper plants.  There are both sweet and hot varieties.  In the front are a few brussel sprout plants.

There are tiny peppers on a few of the plants.

Next up are some vidalia onions.  These look a little sad, all falling over.  I weeded them, and I think that the weeds were helping to hold the stalks up.  They should be okay though (I hope).

And next to the onions, finishing off the middle section are some carrots and a second crop of radishes that are just coming up in the front.  Our first crop was starting to get woody, so we pulled them all and re-seeded the section.  (I gave up trying to weed the carrots, it was just a lost cause.)

In the final section, we have some green onions!

Also, there are some melons, which are doing very well, which you can see in this picture of our lettuce.

Fresh lettuce may be my favorite thing in the whole world.

In between the lettuce and the green onions, we had planted some spinach.  Unfortunately, it succumbed to aphids and all of the leaves curled under.  We were forced to pull it all up, but on the upside, we just planted more lettuce!  Hopefully we can keep the aphids at bay.

At the back of the garden, along the fence we have some climbing plants, like snap peas, which are flowering and producing like crazy.

And some cucumbers, which got a late start but are coming along nicely now.


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