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I finished Seascape a while ago, but I hadn’t had a chance to take any pictures.  I finally found some time, and some sunshine.

The finished dimensions came in at 10.5″ x 88″, leading to a pretty respectable scarf.  The edges seem to curl in a little bit, even after blocking, but I rather like the effect that it creates.

Before blocking:

During blocking (I really need to get some blocking wires if I’m going to continue lace knitting!):

And a few more shots of the finished scarf:

This is going to be the perfect scarf in the fall.  It is really soft, but pretty thin so it won’t be too warm.


Oh look, I have a blog!

The other day my sister complained to me that I hadn’t blogged in ages – and she was right!  And I don’t even have a good excuse for the last month!  I finally defended and started my new job, oh and moved – so there has been a lot going on, but it’s starting to quiet down now.

So, I’m back.  I have a lot of things backlogged to blog about; I’m going to try to get to them all in a week or two.  But right now, I am excited about this:

This just came in the mail today!  It’s 13 skeins of Briggs & Little Atlantic.  13!  That’s a lot of yarn.  But I’ll need it all – because I am making sylvi.  I am so excited!   Sylvi was my motivation during the last push to write my thesis.  I promised myself that once I was done that I could make it.  Well, try at least.  The pattern looks a little intimidating, but I love a challenge!

In case you’re wondering why I’m knitting a heavy wool sweater in the middle of summer – I want to wear this as my fall coat, so I have to get a jump on it!  Luckily Atlantic is a bulky weight yarn, so it won’t go too painfully slow.  And, it will be a nice break after the laceweight from the Seascape.  Which I did finish, I swear.  I’m just waiting for a day with some sunlight to take some decent pictures – it just has to stop raining!

Off to swatch!

I Can Hear My Knitting Laughing at Me

Loudly, in fact.

I’ve been annoyed at knitting lately, and I was trying to hold on to a project that wasn’t really working.  First, recall this awesome swatch that I knit ages ago (March 3rd, actually).  I made that swatch in preparation for some awesome fingerless gloves that I had envisioned in my head.  Enter problem number 1 – a designer of anything more complex than scarves I am not.

But, ignoring that fact, I went for it.  I measured and did math (problem number 2 – math is not always my strong suit).  I thought really hard about increases and decreases and how to center the cable design perfectly on the back of my hand.  Through all of this hard work, I managed to create this:

I was excited that it was spring colored, bright and happy.  I ignored the fact that it was a little too small and started to cut off the circulation to my fingers.  (If you’re counting – this would be problem number 3.  Look how red my fingers are in the picture!)  I was giddy over the fact that the cable pattern was centered so nicely that the top worked its way right up my middle finger.  (I thought maybe that I could flip people off in style).

I was so excited about it that I was going to immediately cast on the second one.  Until I lost the first page of my notes.  (Problem # 4!)  I didn’t want to start a new project because I was afraid that I would never finish this one.  So I looked and looked.  I worked on other little craft projects here and there, finished up some things – but didn’t start any new big knitting projects.  I figured my notes would turn up.  Finally, I faced the facts.  I picked a new project, and went in search of some  laceweight yarn I had leftover from making a present for my sister.

I couldn’t find it anywhere.  I looked in my yarn bag, in my craft bin, under the couch, under the bed, under the dresser.  I tore apart the stack of things on my coffee table.  I was really ready to give up.  I looked under the couch again, and then I found this:

Yup, it’s my first page of notes from the fingerless glove.  It figures, right?  But, I was over the gloves, and now I really wanted to find my leftover Cashwool.  So I checked the yarn bag again – and there it was, right on top.

I thought about going back to the fingerless gloves.  Adding more stitches, ripping out the first one, doing them right.  And then I realized that spring has almost passed and I probably wouldn’t wear them anyway.  So I started on this:

I’ve even made a little progress:

But please, don’t remind me that I don’t really wear stoles either, ok?  I’m pretending it’s just a really wide scarf.

Sheldon is Excited for Spring!

I finally got around to finishing Sheldon.  I started on him months ago, ran out of yarn and put him down.  I finally picked up some more yarn and finished all of the pieces a little while back.  (The yarn is just Sugar n’ Cream cotton.) Then I ran into an unusual stumbling block in the attached i-cord.  Apparently this was a problem for me, it took me about four days to figure it out.  It looks really strange starting out, but it got better as I went on!

All that work on the i-cord, and I didn’t even take a good picture of it.  Ha.  Sheldon is posing on some upcoming flowers, daffodils, I think.  I can’t wait for things to start blooming!

A Weekend in Pictures

We had a great weekend!  We started off by making this really tasty dish with mashed potatoes, cabbage, onion, garlic, leek (I like leek, I’d never had it before!) and yes, of course… bacon.  (But only a tiny bit, really!)

leeks make food colorful and pretty

the finished dish, along with some steak and beer

Sunday we went to Dim Sum downtown (sadly, no pictures… we ate all of the food too fast).  We had pork buns, sticky rice, noodles with some sort of beef in them, turnip cakes and something else that I don’t know the name of, but I know that I like it.

After that, we went to the science museum to see the frog exhibit – Tim loves frogs!

some type of bullfromg

some type of bullfromg

a green frog with sticky toes

a green frog with sticky toes

can you find the frog?

can you find the frog?

poison dart frog - so pretty!

I also got a book from the library!  Charted knitting designs!

continuing to fuel my addition

continuing to fuel my addition

I’ve already opened it up and tried out a pattern I’ve had my eye on, the ribbed spindle.  I think it looks like mitosis and that makes the science nerd in me oh-so-very happy.

not as hard as it looks, really

not as hard as it looks, really

I also learned how to do a tubular cast on.  I would not encourage anyone to try and learn this at 1am.  Not my best idea ever, but I did eventually understand it.  And look how pretty my 1×1 rib looks as a result!

harder than I thought it would be

harder than I thought it would be

I have grand plans for this swatch and these new things I’m learning.  I’ve done a lot of math so far.  It hasn’t all been pretty, especially when I sometimes can’t count – but I’m excited about it all the same!

Something Bloggable!

I’ve finally finished my Dublin Bay socks that I started forever ago.  I had such trouble with the second sock, I have no idea why I made so many mistakes!  A bit of ripping and re-knitting later though, these are the first pair of hand-knit socks I have ever worn.

I finished them Saturday morning and wore them right away.  I washed them yesterday and I am wearing them again today.  They made it through the wash just fine, although I was a little too nervous to put them in the dryer.  Maybe next time!

I love the lace panels down the sides of the sock.  It makes them feel a little prettier than just plain socks, without being too overwhelming.  But, even though I like them a whole lot, I think I’m changing my mind about my next project also being in fingering weight yarn – I might need a rest!

I’ve actually got a bug to do some sewing, there are a few little projects I need to get done!

Knitting for Kicks

I got some totally sweet size 1 dpn’s from Tim’s mom for Christmas.  So, I decided to make me some socks.  In the process I discovered that these are the most slippery needles I own… but it made things interesting!

So far I have made one sock.  The pattern is called Dublin Bay (link is down on the left in the sidebar.)  I’ve made one pair of socks before, but they were only ankle socks, so much less knitting.

Yarn (if it isn’t obvious from the picture) is Paton’s Kroy Socks in Crayon Jacquard.  The above picture was taken just before I started decreasing for the gusset.  I wanted to share an in-progress picture so you could see my pretty new needles.

And here is one sock. Aren’t you loving the stripey goodness?  I messed up the ribbing decided to change from a 1×1 rib in the pattern to a 2×2.  (Ok, so I left the pattern on my desk at work and guessed.  I think it worked out just fine.)  This gave me two extra stitches, but I decreased them out in the first round after the ribbing, so no harm was done.

I like that these socks are relatively plain, but have a nice little pattern for a few stitches down each side of the leg.  I tried to get a good picture of it, but this was the best I could do:

As I was knitting, I kept thinking to myself that I was going to run out of yarn.  I was so sure of it that I decided to buy one more ball (I had two, one for each sock).  Well, it turns out I’ll have an extra ball, but once you see how much I had left, you’ll understand why I was so nervous!

That is 7 yards of yarn right there people, 7!  Damn, I’m good. Of course, now I have an odd ball of sock yarn, but I’m sure I can find something to do with it!

Second sock will be coming soon, right after I finish another Pippi hat that I promised our awesome secretary.  I’m a few rows in, and will probably finish most of it tonight.

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