Cookie Extravaganza

My family has a lot of traditions during Thanksgiving.  First, there is the day itself with the food and the people.  Then there are the Black Friday crack of dawn shopping festivities.  But the Saturday after Thanksgiving is the best.  It’s Christmas cookie making day!

We started bright and early, prepping the dining room table for all of the cookies.  It looks so empty here, with just a dozen cookies!

We started the day off with kiss cookies, peanut butter cookies rolled in sugar with a hershey kiss plopped on them as soon as the leave the oven.

Next up were magic cookie bars, also known as congo bars (I think).

After that, things really started to get rolling.  There were brickle crunch cookies, which have heath bar bits in them.  And we also made some fudge.

Then we paused for “junk lunch”.  A wonderful concocotion of cheese and crackers, beef stick, rye boat dip, shrimp dip, cheese curds, and a mexican dip we just called “Olé”.  Nom.

Back to the cookies!  After a while we also made some chocolate cherry cookies, and then we started in on the sugar cookies.  We’re a little neurotic about decorating our sugar cookies.  And we made a double batch.  Yeah, that took about two hours of decorating! (If you look closely you will see a wreath turned into a cheezeburger (I can haz?) and a gingerbread man turned into a cyclops.  My sister and I learned that it’s not always the best idea to have our boyfriends help us decorate cookies!)

In the corner of that picture you can also see some candy cane cookies (almond flavored!) which are another holiday staple.  Funnily enough, after years of sneaking them from the freezer behind our mother’s back, we’ve found that we like them best frozen!

Finally, here is a picture of the whole table of all of the cookies we made, minus one pan of peanut butter/chocolate bar cookies.  We were tired people!  But now we have cookies!


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