Maybe I’m In Over My Head Just A Little Bit

A while back I posted about how my grandmother sent me the book she learned to crochet from.  I was so grateful for this, it’s such an awesome piece of history.  This made me really want to give something back, and so for Handmade Christmas <insert trumpets here> I decided to try out a huge crochet project – an afhan made of many blocks.

When I saw the sampler afghan crochet along over at the lion brand site, I thought it would be a good first afghan project.   So, I bought a ton of yarn and started it up.  It is worked in blocks, three different patterns of 10 blocks each for a total of 30 blocks.  So far, I have 3 1/2.

Obviously they need to be blocked, or maybe they’ll just look better once they are sewn into the final product.   This pattern works up really fast, it’s just continuous single crochet into the back loops of every row.  This gives it a pretty neat rib like pattern that you can see from the side.

I’ll give you all another update on this once I made it to the next pattern (and color – I’ll keep you in suspense as to what color it is though). Right now my goal is to do at least one block per day, hopefully more on the weekends.


1 Response to “Maybe I’m In Over My Head Just A Little Bit”

  1. 1 dalilonna September 5, 2008 at 10:06 am

    Hi Craftykeg!

    Just bounced over here from your comment on the LionBrand blog. If you aren’t happy with the appearance of your squares, try moving down to a smaller hook (many people on the comments seem to be doing this–I’m making mine with a J). Yes, the squares will be slightly smaller, but you can make more of them or opt to make a throw-size (which is what I’m doing.) You may also find that the smaller squares will have firmer stitches and will be easier to sew together. Personally, I am making my squares in 5 long strips with an extra row of single crochet between the blocks. This way I will only have 4 long seams to do, and even then I may crochet the strips together.

    I like your header on your blog–very cool!

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