Sumo Throwdown

who will win???

I finally made a second sumo wrestler to go with the first!  (For a pattern, go here!)  This one looks a little bit more evil to me, although it might just be because he is wearing black.  I also made a velcro sumo mat, so that the two sumo wrestlers can fight each other.  This is a project for Handmade Christmas, and if you’re keeping track, this makes 2 gifts done so far!

The mat is made from a circle of cardboard with strips of beige velcro glued on top (the fuzzy side, not the prickly side).  The two white lines are just little pieces of yarn that I glued down.  (I got the idea of what a sumo ring looked like from wikipedia.)  I ran out of velcro a little bit, that’s why there are spaces in between, but since the cardboard and the velcro are basically the same color, I think it actually looks pretty cool.

circle of life....

I covered the underside of the cardboard mat with some sticky-backed closed cell foam.  I did this for a few reasons.  First, it gave it a little more weight.  Second, it helps it not slide around as much on a smooth surface.  And third, it covered up the stuff that was printed on the other side of the cardboard, which was originally a box I stole from work.

blue ball?

On the bottom of each sumo wrestler, I sewed a tiny square of prickly side velcro so that they will stand on the mat wherever you put them!  Sometimes I feel so smart!

oh no, sumo butt!

So, now the only question left is…. who will win?

I fight you to the death!


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