OTN – Pom-Pom Socks

These pom-pom socks are from a wonderful pattern from The Purl Bee.

I’ve had a hard time getting going with these socks.  They are the first pair of socks that I’ve ever attempted.  The pattern calls for size 2 dpn.  I had a really hard time finding this size for some reason, so I decided to be lazy and use size 3.  I quickly checked my gauge half heartily and it seemed close enough, so off I went.

Yeah, no.  I got halfway through the first sock and I could see that it was going to be gigantic.  As in Micheal Phelps could wear that sock gigantic.  So, I ripped it all out and started over, finding some size 2 dpn.  It looks so much better now, as you can see!  I’ve just gotten to the point where I need to start decreasing for the toe, and I think that I’m going to switch back to the pink to make them look even more silly and cute. This first sock should be done pretty soon, hopefully I won’t procrastinate too much on the second one!

This project also starts the beggining of Hand Made Christmas.  (Insert regal trumpet noises here.)  I have a goal (since I’m a pretty broke graduate student) of making everything handmade for Christmas this year.  Who knows if I’ll make it, we’ll see.  Unfortunately, I’m going to have to leave a lot of stuff off of the blog until after Christmas so that certain people won’t see their gifts before hand.  But, since I have a lot of family, and not all of them know about the blog, I should still have plenty of stuff to share!


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