HOW TO: Craftily Organize Your Purses on the Cheap

I promised that today would be awesome, and it is!  Now that I’m moved into the World’s Tiniest Apartment ™, I realized that I somehow have amassed far to many purses.  I had absolutely no way to organize them.  I made something up, and it looks a little something like this:

I organized the shoes later, I swear!

Ignoring for a moment the rest of the clutter in that photo, here is how you can also have a supremely awesome purse organizational system.

Step 1: Get a few over the door hooks.  These used to hold my ironing board, but I’ve found a different place for it now.

hooks are happy!

Step 2: Dig through your fabric stash for extra fabric that has a decent length to it.  I picked a pink flowery fabric that I don’t know why I have.  Cut two long strips (door length, in fact) about 3 inches wide.  As you’ll see from the picture, I didn’t try to hard to cut in a straight line.  I did use pinking shears though, since I wasn’t in the mood to hem these.  (You could hem them – that would probably make them a more permanent solution, but I only need these for a few months.)  Tie these onto the door hooks.

Step 3: About every 5-6 inches cut two slits parallel to eachother, about 1 inch long each.  They should end up looking like this:

go on, poke your finger through it, I know you want to!

Step 4: Cut some smaller fabric strips, about 14 inches long – cut enough to correspond to all the slits you just made.

strippy strips!

Step 5: Tie each of these strips around the center of the slits you cut in step 3.

pink flowers - pretty

The overall effect will look like this – see why I didn’t worry about cutting in a straight line all that much?

oh no, more messy closet!

Step 6: Tie each strip around the handles of a purse – don’t knot it too tight, or you’ll never get it off!

Step 7: Repeat with all subsequent purses.  Enjoy your newfound organization and wonder how long it will last.  If you decide to make something similar, please share it in the comments!

whoo hoo, finished baby!

Note: I’ve desinged this as a temporary solution while living in the Wold’s Tiniest Apartment ™, but for a longer term solution, canvas might work well, with zig-zag stitching around each slit, comparable to a large buttonhole.


5 Responses to “HOW TO: Craftily Organize Your Purses on the Cheap”

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