The Garden – It Grows!

Just a little update on my balcony garden. Apparently when you put young cucumber plants into 40 mph gusts of wind, the cucumbers do not win. So, I had to start over with the cucumbers, but this batch is doing much better! I have two pots, but only one is doing really well. Soon I’ll thin these out and put a couple of the good ones into the other pot. I love how once they start going, there is nothing stopping them!

Also going very well is the leaf lettuce. I think that this may be my favorite to grow, mostly because I can have a little fresh lettuce at every meal, and I don’t have to worry about finishing up a head of lettuce before it goes bad. Also, if cut right it will grow a second crop pretty quickly. It’s so easy to eat healthy when all the food is growing right outside your door!

The basil and lemon basil are starting to come in now as well. They are just starting to get their second leaves, soon they will probably shoot up as well. I can’t wait for pesto, yum!

One of my other favorite summer garden treats are green onions. I love them in just about everything, I’ll even eat them plain, dipped in a little salt. This was often how we ate them at dinner growing up, when grandpa gave us the surplus from his garden, so it reminds me of home!

Hopefully it will only be a few more weeks before things start becoming ready to eat – I’m sure you’ll see more before then!


2 Responses to “The Garden – It Grows!”

  1. 1 jeff-nhn June 2, 2008 at 5:08 pm

    Your balcony garden looks good. The 40 mph wind gust will tear almost any small vegetable up. This time of year we get those types of winds and I always run outside to check damages. Good luck!

  1. 1 The Garden - It Grows! | Gardening Tips and Products Trackback on June 2, 2008 at 10:09 am

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