Pretty earrings, and an awesome deal!

First – I made some pretty sweet earrings this morning, mostly because I’ve been procrastinating on working on my proposal. (why do you think I’m blogging this right now????) Anyways, they’re kinda fancy, so I’m not sure when I would wear them, but here they are!

Second – I went shopping last night and got what might be the most awesome deal ever! (well, at least for me, I know that I can’t compete with mom!) I got the dress below from Ann Taylor – not even the Loft! Isnt’ it so super cute? There’s little white beads all along the edge of the ribbons, and these little flat bows in the front. It was originally $170, and I got it for $30!!!!! That’s over 80% off! Whoo hoo, go me! Now, will someone invite me someplace fancy, PLEASE!!!!


1 Response to “Pretty earrings, and an awesome deal!”

  1. 1 Tam January 15, 2007 at 9:10 pm

    I love the dress! You conjered up a little mom on that deal. Better get Aberto VO5 to take you some place swanky!

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